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Christopher Brown

Chris Brown, RPT, the founder and owner of Concord Piano, has been working on pianos since 1977. After apprenticing with Tom Sheehan at Berklee College of Music and working in a Boston rebuilding shop, he received formal training in the two-year piano technology program at Boston's North Bennet Street School.

For more than 40 years now, Chris has persevered at the physical, philosophical, technical, and artistic challenges of pianos. Best voicing, for instance, depends on a careful preparation of friction, weight, geometry, balance, spacing, hammer-to-string fit, and tuning. How to best implement these parameters has been learned from the work itself and from the generosity of fellow technicians.

As an expert in his field, Chris tries, to continually grow. Developing the innovative Grandwork regulating tools and protocols has provided opportunities to exhibit, teach, and attend classes at conventions and online.