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Humidity Control System Installation

A grand Dampp-Chaser ($620 + tax) includes a humidistat, 2 dehumidifier bars, a humidifier with smart heater bar, a watering tube, a warning light panel, a watering can, and a bottle of humidifier additive. The owner must periodically add a cap full of additive in a can of water to the humidifier through the watering tube (every two to .three weeks). One annual service is important to keep the system clean and to change the humidifier pads, which gradually clog with minerals.

An UnderCover ($230 + tax) doubles the grand system’s efficiency by buffering between the ambient atmosphere and what the humidifier and dehumidifiers provide under the soundboard.

An upright Dampp-Chaser ($560 + tax) has similar components to the grand system but works from inside the piano's case, with no need for a covering. An UnderCover may be added as a back cover, though, if room heater proximity is a problem.

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