Tuning & Maintenance

We recommend tuning your piano at least once a year, preferably in temperate conditions.

Changes in humidity swell and shrink the soundboard, which changes the tuning. If tuned near the middle of this fluctuation, the piano will be more in tune for more of the year than if tuned at one extreme or the other.

A Dampp-chaser stabilizes this situation and keeps the piano in tune year-round.


Regular tuning keeps your piano up to pitch and sounding good.

piano with dots 3 custom
Dampp-chaser Installation

A Dampp-chaser keeps it from going out of tune with humidity changes.

Dampp Chaser+Service

Dampp-chaser Service

A once-a-year service maintains best Dampp-chaser performance.  

other services

We offer a variety of other services to improve the condition of your piano, including evaluations and appraisals for well-informed choices.

Inspection / Appraisal

Inspect and/or appraise the piano.


Vertical Regulation

Adjustments to improve playability and control.


Pinblock Consolidation

Can restore tunability without rebuilding.

Grand Regulation

Adjustments to your grand  action that benefit both piano and pianist.


Spinet Regulation

Adjustments to your spinet that upgrade playability and tone.

Grand Action Rebuild

Changes that transform your grand action to play like new.